Foothills Animal Rescue

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The Client

Foothills Animal Rescue began its mission to save lives in Cave Creek, Arizona in 1995 as a foster based organization dedicated to saving lives of homeless dogs and cats. Through hard work and resounding dedication by staff and volunteers, Foothills Animal Rescue was able to grow and open a standing adoption center in 2010. The Resale Boutique was a much valued addition to support our efforts and provide resources to make an impact. Their journey continues with the opening of the Brynne Smith Memorial Campus Adoption Center in December 2016. It is more than a building, it provides a safe haven to homeless dogs and cats awaiting their forever home, and a testament to the important role the companion animals play in our lives.

The Assignment

From start to finish: design and print. Foothills Animal Rescue came to us with the opportunity to design their new website with the opening of their Brynne Smith Memorial Campus.

The Solution

We approached this assignment as a very loose re-branding. We wanted their look to clean, yet refreshing. Foothills is one of the most premiere shelters in the entire country and we really wanted to showcase their brand new building and the lovely image of Brynne Smith. From there we had the task of creating looks for their separate events and printing the material when they asked. The job was a success and their first year the rescue saw an increase of 73% in adoptions.