Catclar Investments

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The Client

Founded in 2003, Catclar Investments is a Real Estate Development company that focuses on building strong relationships with municipal officials and the neighboring communities in order to create successful, quality driven, and environmentally friendly development projects that further enhance the communities within which they are situated. With over 25 years of experience in all facets of Development, the team at Catclar knows how to successfully bring a project to fruition from its infancy, achieving the highest and best use for the property, while also complementing the surrounding communities.

The Assignment

From start to finish: design, print and photography. Catclar needed total rebranding of their Rosedale Residences. This included design and print materials as well as a photoshoot.

The Solution

We took a look at what The Rosedale Residences had and inquired from the owner what were her interests with design and we came to the conclusion that she loved keys! So we based the design around regal France with an emphasis on keys. With muted red and blue coloring the design came easy after taking inspiration from early 1900’s France architecture. From there we became their exclusive printer for all their properties and offered them our fantastic same-day turnaround. With the photo-shoot of Rosedale we wanted to showcase the French urban architecture and appeal the location to those who came from the city and were looking for that urban city vibe.