Brows By Renee

1:: Clients

The Client

Business owner Renee Lee has been a professional makeup artist in NYC and LA for over ten years doing red carpets, LA/NY fashion week, production work, weddings, working with celebrities, high-profile private clientele as well as “everyday” women. Her ability to create the perfect brow for each face led to a couple of her clients urging her to look into doing semi-permanent makeup. She heeded their requests and apprenticed under Industry Pioneer Joo Lee in Los Angeles before coming to NY in 2014. Renee has also traveled internationally to train under the best in the industry, including: Permanent Makeup Pioneers Mary Ritcherson, Tina Davies, and Teryn Darling. Renee is trained to do Powder/Ombre Method, Microblading (Manual), and Hairstroke by Machine.

The Assignment

From start to finish: design. Brows by Renee is a largely-known stylist in the NY and LA area. Her request was simple. Renee needed a new website that gave a vibe of feminine power and beauty.

The Solution

Renee’s favorite color is pink. This made is easy to design a website that was unmistakably feminine. We wanted to incorporate the style and funk that her town of NY offered. We designed the website with every image focusing on brows were applicable. The final product turned out to be a really amazing, easy to use site that showcases Renee exactly how she is and what her style is like.