Banyan Global

1:: Clients

The Client

Banyan is its people. They bring together deeply-integrated, multi-disciplinary expertise in family, business, finance, ownership, and philanthropy. That expertise gives them the ability to challenge our clients, while respecting what they have accomplished. Their people have true compassion for family values, traditions, and aspirations, and we’re fiercely committed to achieving lasting results. By building an environment of trust, we encourage business families to be the best they can be—for each other, for their businesses, and for their communities. They work in multidisciplinary teams of full-time, senior experts who have complementary skills in business strategy, law, organizational development, psychology, communications, tax, philanthropy, and finance. Their team is cross-generation and cross-gender, just like our client families. They believe diverse teaming is valuable to really appreciate the nuances of each family ecosystem. Together, we partner to strengthen those ecosystems.

The Assignment

From start to finish: design and video. Banyan wanted a new website that was intuitive and told everyone exactly who they were. They also needed a new video series that would supplement their website.

The Solution

With a company as diverse as theirs, we wanted their website to reflect that. With their headquarters in Boston, we used the city as an inspiration for the look and feel of the site, while also incorporating their signature banyan tree within the site and design. The look of the site became Boston, white its features worked and function much like a Banyan tree would with weaving branches and a deep rooted foundation. The video series was created to showcase Banyan’s mission and their love for their clients. They operated with a very niche market and videos were the perfect way to show who they are and what they care for. Segments of slow videography really helped highlight the professionalism of Banyan and their staff.