All American Bar Tees

1:: Clients

The Client

All American Bar Tees (AABT) was founded in late 2016 to share the story of bar all over America. From dive bars to clubs, if it has a full bar it can be represented by AABT. AABT creates tees and postcards that promote bars and give customers some background on who and what the bar is. “Postcards will remain in play to help us convey the message of why we’ve chosen the bar, its historical significance and its heartbeat” says AABT CEO & founder, Eric Stanton. When on the road or have friends in town, people want to remember the great places, experiences and people they’ve met along the way. Of course, they also want to impress their friends with their travel savviness by sporting shirts from their favorites. The problem is, either these places don’t sell shirts, or if they do, they’re itchy and shrink or fade in the first wash. So AABT fixed all that!

The Assignment

From start to finish: design, print and fulfillment. AABT was in desperate need to rejuvenate and streamline their whole process. AABT came to us to evolve their business and boost their sales. Their designer was unreliable. Their printer never met deadlines and their shirts shipped out late month after month.

The Solution

We approached this opportunity as if AABT was a brand-new company who had yet to sell any product. The design was simple. Bar logo on front and AABT logo on back. To streamline this, we created templates for all future shirts to be created from. All the logos used are high quality vector files that print great on the tees. After design approval we send the artwork straight to our printer where all tees are branded. With a quick turnaround were able to have all tees ready before the shipping deadline. When shirts are sent we are ready to answer any questions or concerns the customers may have. We became their all-in-one agency and made an unorganized business able to achieve the structure they never thought possible.